Why Not Try Some Cymraeg?

Here are some useful phrases for you to have a go at:

Good morning Bore da [borr-eh dah]
Good afternoon P’nawn da [p-noun dah]
Good evening Noswaith dda [noss-why-th tha]
Good night Nos da [noss dah]
Hello Helo
Cheers/bye Hwyl [hoo-il]
How are you Sut dach chi? [Seat dah-ch chee]
Where is? Ble mae… [blair my]
Thank you Diolch [dee-ol-ch]
Welcome / you’re welcome Croeso [croy-so]
OK iawn [ee-aown]
Can I have / May I? Ga i [gah ee]
Coffee Coffi [coffee]
Tea Te [teh]
Milk Llefrith [(ll)ev-rith]
Sugar Siwgwr [shoo-goor]
House Ty [tih]
River Afon [Ah-von]
Mountain Mynydd [myhn-ith]
Welsh Cymraeg [khum-righe]

The tricky ‘ch’ and ‘ll’:

The ‘ch’ letter is always pronounced as the Scottish ‘loch’ and never as the ‘ch’ in English such as in “chimney” or “much”.

The letter ‘ll’ is a little more difficult. Try saying the letter ‘l’ (with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth), and then breathe in sharply through the sides of your mouth...... Now try and recreate that same sound breathing out....that is ‘ll’ .


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